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Mental Health Counseling in Southeast Michigan

Mental Health Counseling in Southeast MichiganMental Health Counseling in Southeast Michigan


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Amber Burkhardt-Sidebottom, LMSW

Amber Burkhardt-Sidebottom, LMSW

Amber Burkhardt-Sidebottom, LMSW

 Amber Burkhardt-Sidebottom, LMSW is a licensed clinical social worker with over 16 years of experience in clinical, medical, and equine assisted social work. She offers mental health services through in office therapy, equine assisted therapy, which take place outside with horses, and telehealth via video conferencing.  Services are available for children, adolescents, adults, and groups or teams.  

Amber's therapeutic background includes cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy. mindfulness, motivational interviewing, and solution-oriented therapies.  She is EAGALA Certified as both the mental health specialist and the equine specialist.  

Her clinical focus includes anxiety and depression, social skill building, and self esteem in children and adolescents as well as adults who are seeking a unique opportunity to learn and grow from their experience. 

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Bridgewater Support Services

Amber Burkhardt-Sidebottom, LMSW

Amber Burkhardt-Sidebottom, LMSW

 Bridgewater Support Services was created to offer unique mental health services in a peaceful environment to strengthen and enrich lives. 

Through individual and/or group sessions, Amber specializes and treats adults, children and adolescents through cognitive behavioral, dialectical behavioral, and solution focused methods. 

Identifying thought patterns and making positive changes in your environment can make all the difference. Leaving a session with tangible ideas and skill sets to implement into your daily life to better manage emotions is the goal.  Let's work together to create opportunities for a more peaceful and productive you!

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Cost of Service

Amber Burkhardt-Sidebottom, LMSW

Cost of Service

 Cost of service is based on a sliding scale fee. This means that each individual determines their rate between $75-$120 per 50 minute individual session. 

Group sessions can be more cost effective and range between $25- $60 per group session. 

Scholarships may be available. If you are interested and feel you are unable to afford the payment per session, resources may be available.  

Most insurances will reimburse these services. Please call your insurance provider to determine if this is a benefit available to you.